Detail, specifics and questions

Detail, specifics and questions for The Agile Habits Academy

How we communicate in the Program

The basic way we will exchange habits-based information are short daily morning e-mails. Every single day, on your email, you will receive reminders and guidelines for the habit we are working on in that month. These emails will include a variety of things, such as:

  • articles with explanations and guidelines for making each habit easier;
  • a task for one or more monthly challenges;
  • links to additional materials (articles, videos, etc.) associated with the habit that he / she thinks he / she wishes to engage further with the built habit;
  • short texts and questions of reflection and inspiration on the day;
  • or just instructions to keep calm for the day.

What should I focus on during the Program?

In fulfilling every single habit, we need to concentrate mostly on 5 things:

  • Let us remember to do the habit;
  • Let’s remember breaking the habit;
  • Let us remember that in order to build a truly long-lasting and lasting habit, we have to go with very small steps, spend some time on performance, but be permanent;
  • Let us remember that if for some reason we can not or do not have time to fulfil the habit, it is important to read the daily short messages;
  • Be patient with ourselves.

What is the success based on in this program

  • The power of Repetition!
  • The Power of Focus!
  • The power of Clarity!
  • The power of Simplicity!
  • The power of the Community!
  • The Power of Creativity!
  • The power of Synergy!
  • The Power of Failure!

Basic principles for participation and execution of the Program

  • Transparency
  • Win – win
  • Unity and support
  • Sharing
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Consciousness
  • Entertainment
  • Everyday small actions – in this Program, we try to build our thinking that our personal development and happiness lies in our everyday small actions, not in our one-time endeavors. This means that our focus will be entirely on the habit within 5 to 30 minutes a day. Everything else – additional reading or viewing materials, articles, etc. are important and helpful, but they are secondary. The only important thing is that we can set aside 5 to 30 minutes and make our habit for the day.
  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Inspect and adapt

Payment method and introduction to The Agile Habits Academy

Everyone can get involved in the Habits Program at any time during its implementation. You do not have to make the first habit, for example, to join the second one – no such dependency. Yes, it is good to be involved in all habits to have a greater synergy and overall effect, but everyone can get involved only in habits they like.