What is the success of this program based on

What is the success of this program based on?

  • The Power of Repetition – The Buddhist Practice of the 700 Times.
  • The Power of Focus – If you are able to focus on something, you can succeed in it.
  • The power of clarity
  • The power of simplicity – The program is designed to take you from 5 to 30 minutes a day and be able to adapt to everyday life.
  • The power of the community – You will join a group for communication, support and assistance – important element for the success of each of us.
  • The Power of Creativity – Through the program we shift our focus from what we can not change to what we can. That is how we will understand and really feel and experience the power to be the creators of our lives.
  • The power of synergy – The habits of the program are chosen to complement and their mutual effect outweigh the effect of the sum of each habit separately. Therefore, our recommendation is that if you can not join the whole program, participate in as many modules as possible!
  • The Power of Failure – Here we again refer to ancient wisdom and so-called. Tibetan practice Tsam.