What is the The Agile Habits Academy?

What is the The Agile Habits Academy?

The Habits Academy is the most practical, effective, and science-backed course on behavior change ever created. Each lesson covers powerful ways to change your habits. Turn habits into culture! Agile Culture! Agile Generation!

Learn exactly how to form good habits and break bad ones as quickly as possible.

  • Entirely online! The program is completely by e-mail, so you can join regardless of which city or country you are;
  • Work on developing a useful habit and expand our knowledge on a certain area for every month of the year;
  • Short daily morning reminders. Every day you receive a short e-mail with tips and advice on building a specific habit so that it can easily become a part of your everyday life. Each participant reads the emails and executes the brief directions at a convenient time;
  • Several blog articles about every habit affecting his specifics, interesting points of view and techniques for its easier and funny execution;
    Weekly review of progress and adaptation, according to your individual needs;
  • Challenges to take us out of the comfort zone;
  • Cheat days – in which we fail to fulfill the habit, which in fact enhances its integration and usefulness;
  • Additional materials for listening / reading if desired;
  • Each participant will be engaged for only 5 to 30 minutes a day, at a time convenient for yourself. And even on a given day you will not have time – you have access to all the information at any time.

*The program provides day-to-day guidance, inspiration, and steps for faster and easier building of useful habits. But even if you do not have time to do your practice for that habit, the only thing you need to do is to read daily short messages when you have time. The messages are created so that gradually and upwardly accumulate in us as a way of thinking and thus provoke an exceptional quality and positive change in our actions.

Calendar for Agile Habits Academy  (See details HERE)

  • March
    Master your Mindset. Introduction to Scrum and Agile
  • April
    Collaboration and Harmonious Relationships with People Around Us
  • May
    The art of writing agile requirements. Your Best Agile User Story
  • June
    Minimalism. Get rid of unnecessary items.
  • July
    Time, energy and productivity management. Building a plan.
  • August
    Agile mindset on vacation – active holidays and activity holidays.
  • September
    Physical activity in our daily lives. Agile Gamification.
  • October
    Take Criticism Well
  • November
    Don’t Forget That Work Is Work
  • December
    Review and Retrospectives