Who is leading the Academy

Who is leading The Agile Habits Academy

We have a team leading this classes by the guidance of Diana Kirkova. Diana is a professional who gets things done. Her interests are in building agile habits, coaching and product management. The team behind this program is inspired by the huge benefit, and improved quality of life that comes as a result of having useful habits implemented in our daily lives. Through this Academy, we would like to share this inspiration and experience with you.

This program will help you to develop your awareness and improve your daily life to make you more bold, confident, and consistent. We can improve ourselves and the world around us in a small step every day.Everyone individually, and as a whole, as well. Habits are that little action that determines how great a person can grow and to what extent he can develop his potential. The habits are those that account for over 40% of the results in our lives and therefore, if we choose to build the right ones, we can control 40% of our lives.

We believe Agile Habits can make us more productive, and more satisfied with what we accomplish during the work day, as well as at home in our personal lives because Agile is a mindset that you develop and take with you. There are several characteristics we believe make up the agile mindset: Positive attitude; Thirst for knowledge; Goal of team success (or family in our personal life); Pragmatism; Willingness to fail.

To us, an agile mindset is “There is no failure, only feedback.” It’s about taking everything as lessons, adjusting actions according to the feedback, and proceeding toward desired outcomes, resulting in continuous improvement.