Communication Improvement Game

To improve communication is the dream of all teams. Wherever the level of communication is, this game can help you to improve it.

Product description: 1 Marker; 1 wood-puller; 10 ropes; 4 bands; 1 bag.

Learning Objectives:

You could run this activities 3 or 4 times per year the first year and once or twice after the first year.

  • Improve team communication, the communication with the stakeholders, leadership;
  • Improve their listening skills;
  • Build trust between team members;
  • Find ways to be more efficient and collaborative;
  • Define, break down, prioritize and plan work.
  • Of course, a lot of laughter and a lot of fun!

Product information

You need to do some preparation first:

  1. Design your race in the big paper sheet. Draw one flip-chart sheet with the design of one circuit – the more curves your circuit has as more difficult the task will be. You should get something like that for easy level:

Note: To increase the difficulty and fun, you could design crazy races.

It is up to you!

2. Tie the pencil to the wood with the bands.

3. Tie ropes in to the small holes of the wood. You need to attach as many ropes as there will be participants.

How to play:

Each member of the team need to pull one thread and place the pen in the start line.

The team needs to do one lap without “whites”. It means, no blank spot, and the line is not able to go out of the design. If either of these impediments happens, you will need to restart.

Number of participants: from 3 to 10 people.

Notes for the facilitator:

  1. As facilitator, you could designate the leader and guide the team. When you designate the leader, you can add one extra rule, he/she needs to stop to talk for few minutes or seconds. The idea behind the game is, the entire team will need to talk and collaborate to arrive at the finish line. Normally after a few tries, they get the idea, and they will start to communicate.
  2. At the end, you will need to ask what happened, and the team alone will come with collaboration and communication as themes to discuss. You could guide the team to the level of communication you are expecting from the team, why and how they could get it.
  3. You could design wherever you want to add complexity and generate frustration at the beginning.
  4. You could add also prizes when they arrive at the end.
  5. You can experiment different situations like, when you ask a couple of the team members to loosen the grip – this represents when we have people leaving the company.